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Royalton Home ​Grown ​Food is a private limited company established in 2014 with an aim to provide proper clean and green food products,​ ​whose ​consistency has not been tarnished by the additives widely being used in today's times.

Unlike other market​​ goods Royalton offers a clean and green way to be one with nature.

​We use natural goods which are pesticide and additives fee and are a by​ ​product by other natural resources.

Te production takes place at the Royalton farms in Bhopal. our philosophy is to get back to the natural ways of farming which saves you from - cancer arsenic and phosp​​horus poisoning, memory loss and celebral edema ( Long term use ) along with other long term effects.

Our products are natural, free from pesticide and provide a healthier nutritional value


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